Private Venues


Complesso San Francesco

The Chiostro di San Francesco, the Church of San Francesco and the conference hall are all part of the San Francesco Complex.

Chiostro di San Francesco

This is an outdoor setting. Is a beautiful space surrounded by painting in honor of San Francesco.It can host about 80 seats and and it has a perfect acoustic for any type of instrument. In case of bad weather, there are 2 other options inside the same complex.

Chiesa di San Francesco

This church was built over a sacred building dedicated to Santa Maria dated 1268. It was the place where the people were gathering togather to solve disputes.Only during XVI sec. was degsinated as Church for religious purposes.This church has one of the most rare 1500 organ called also  “wall organ”. 

San Francesco's Organ

This organ was built by Paolo Pietro di Paolodi Montefalco the 22nd of September 1509, as is stated on a notary papers.In the following years it was modified. 

2005 – Chiesa Museo di San Francesco – Trevi

Conference Hall

This conference hall is next to the “Chiostro of San Francesco”.It has a small stage and back stage. It can host 80 seats.