Venues in Festival and concert season


Choir Winter Festival

Choir Winter Fest is a project organized by Fabrica Harmonica:  is an apolitical show, opened to any religious and cultural belief, focused on choir repertoire it includes instrumental ensemble and orchestra when required. The Festival is the opportunity to exchange diverse artistic languages; a moment of growth and development in the territory CWF is also a way of proposing cultural ethic. Since the beginning, with the collaboration of Emergency, or Museo della Liberazione di Roma, in the section “Smile Action”, concerts are organized to fundraise charities and hospitals. An approach to whom is suffering during  festivities time. The whole territory is interested in the events :  culture is not meant be in confined perimeters, it goes out on the streets and squares to meet and involve people. The Festival is articulated into different categories that include choir, bands or professional orchestra but it also welcomes non professional ensembles. Because of the nature of this Festival, these concerts join different groups. The performances can be hosted in private events, and can performe in different locations out of Rome such as Todi, Bevagna, Spello in Umbria region. Treble voice,Youth Choir, Polyphonic Choir, gospel and Jazz Choir, Sacred and Profane Music, Medieval Music, Baroque Music, Modern and Contemporary,Masses, Oratories and Operas : all of these are what is CWF is about, showing the emotion of singing together in every aspects.