Duo Pellegrini-Oh

Annalisa Pellegrini

Graduated in Piano in 1996 and in Opera Singing in 2001 at the Institute Mus. Par. “Giulia Briccialdi” of Terni. She obtains the International Master in Choir Conducting of Sacred Music with full marks in 2002, Academic Diploma in Baroque Singing in 2005 and a Degree in Choral Music and Choir Direction at the “Morlacchi” Conservatory of Perugia. At the same time she specializes in Infantile Vocality with M ° C. Boldy, professor at the New College of Oxford, and deepens the studies of Gregorian Chant, Ancient Roman Chant, Medieval Lauda, Primitive Polyphony, Flemish Polyphony and Fractal Singing at the Pontifical Institute of Music. Sacred.She studied singing with Emma Kirkby, Katia Ricciarelli and Luciana Serra. Continuing her study with M ° Robert Kettelson, vocal trainer of the Paris Opera and the Teatro alla Scala in Milan, and with Maestro Elio Battaglia at the Mozarteum in Salzburg. Specialized in Ancient Music and Sacred Music, she was among the first women to perform as a soloist for official events in San Pietro, she sang for Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI.She founded and directs the choirs of the Civic School of Arts in productions in Italy and tours abroad, in France, England, Austria, Czech Republic and South Korea. Among her various works she has directed the opera in stage form for young soloists , chorus of children’s voices and piano Chip and his Dog by Giancarlo Menotti, performed on the occasion of the Mennottian year at the Teatro Caio Melisso in Spoleto and in Rome, the first national performance of “Italique” opera for reciting voice, solos, choir of white voice and plucked ensemble written by Francois Laurent for the Les Jour de France event in Rome and Paris at the Auditorium del Conservatoire Ravel, the world premiere of Tu es Petrus, a series of unpublished Roman 18th century compositions. She regularly hold masterclasses in singing and choir conducting in Italy and abroad. In addition to her concert activity as a soloist and choir director, she is strongly committed in teaching and organizing.She is the President and Artistic Director of the Associazione Cult.Mus. Fabrica Harmonica.

Yun Woo Oh

YUN WOO OH born in Seoul South Korea. In 1994, after studying the piano in her country, she moved to Italy continuing her studies at the “Alfredo Casella” Conservatory of L’Aquila under the guidance of Maestro Walter Fischetti. She graduated in 2002 with full honors. Subsequently she attended courses in opera coaching, choir and orchestra direction at the AIDM in Rome with the Maestro Alessandro Di Adamo.  She then attended the National Biennial Course at the Scuola Popolare di Musica Donna Olimpia PIANO TEACHING (recognized by the Ministry of Education) with M° W. Fischetti and deepens in Chamber Music repertoire at Conservatory of Santa Cecilia with M° Roberto Galletto attending at the same time the masterclasses of the pianist Gyorgy Sandor. She has collaborated with various opera singers, and boasts numerous concert experiences in Italy and abroad.  She’s a pianist collaborator for the High Specialization Courses of the Federico Cesi Festival and piano teacher at the International Academy of Music in Rome.