The “Art-ù” Ensemble was formed in 1997, with the name of “Ensemble Mauro Giuliani”. He immediately directed his interest towards eighteenth-nineteenth-century chamber production for strings and guitar.
The Ensemble ranges from the formation of the duo to the quintet, however favoring the form of the trio with which it mainly presents itself in concert.
In this sense, he carries out extensive research work within this specific chamber repertoire: from already well-known compositions by M. Giuliani, N. Paganini, F. Da Fossa to works by lesser-known authors such as Noferi, Porro, Ximenes.


At fifteen he was selected with the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain which took him on a tour of Western Europe and Russia.
He studied at the Royal Manchester College of Music with M° Moscowski and M° Botta, graduating with honors and winning the Webster Memorial Prize as best violinist.
Since then he has had an intense international concert activity playing with the BBC Symphony in Manchester, the London Symphony, the Royal Philharmonic, the English Chamber and the prestigious London Philharmonic.
He has also participated in recordings of symphonic and operatic music. There are various specialization courses attended: in Moscow with M° Spivakov, in London with the masters Hurwitz and Lasserson and in Rome with M° Ricci.
He has dedicated himself to solo and chamber music making numerous recordings for the BBC and RAI. He is currently professor of orchestra at the Teatro dell’Opera in Rome.
Since 1997 he has played in duo with the guitarist Luca Mancini.


He began studying the guitar under the guidance of Maestro B. Battisti D’Amario, graduating brilliantly from the S. Pietro a Majella Conservatory in Naples. He then attended specialization courses with the masters Gilardino, Russell, Tomas, Ghiglia, Brower.
He subsequently obtained, with full marks, a II level degree in Composition at the “Santa Cecilia” Conservatory of Music in Rome. At the same time he carried out extensive studies in the musicological sector, first graduating in Literature at the “La Sapienza” University of Rome, with a thesis on the composer Luigi Dallapiccola, then in Musicology (DAMS), at the University of Bologna, with a thesis on Domenico Mazzocchi’s madrigals, 

published by LIM in 2009. In 1995 he published the essay “The Prisoner: the role of the orchestra” in AA.VV., Studi su Luigi Dallapiccola, published by LIM.
From 1988 to 2005 he collaborated with the Institute of the Italian Encyclopedia, for the “Music” section. In 2018 he edited the critical edition of the Oratorio “Il Martirio di S. Terenziano” by A. Caldara.
He is currently a guitar teacher at the S.M.S. at Musical Address “S. Francis” of Anguillara Sabazia. He collaborates on a permanent basis with Fabrica Harmonica-Civica Scuola delle Arti in Rome, where he is also Director of the Youth Orchestra.


He studied at the “A. Vivaldi” Conservatory in Alessandria, graduating in 1986 with honors. He also obtained the lower completion of Composition. He attended master classes in cello and chamber music with the masters C. Pozzi, A. Baldovino, R. Filippini, M. Flaksman, M. Brunello, M. Scano, Quartetto Arditti; he was awarded at the Competitions of Genoa, San Bartolomeo, Biella and Busalla. He was the winner and obtained qualifications in competitions and auditions for Italian orchestras including the Teatro Comunale di Bologna (II Cello), Teatro Comunale di Firenze, Orchestra “Toscanini” of Parma, Teatro dell’Opera di Roma (II Cello) Symphonic Institution of Abruzzo (II Vlc.), Lyric-Symphonic Orchestra of Piacenza (Concertino dei Violoncelli), Italian Youth Orchestra, Arena di Verona, Teatro “Bellini” in Catania (II Vlc.). Reporting in 1st place for I Cello at the Pomeriggi Musicali in Milan. He has collaborated with the RAI Orchestra of Turin, the Teatro Comunale of Alessandria, the Italian Academy of Music in Rome, the Virtuosi di S. Cecilia, the Friends of the Opera of Rome, the Teatro Argentina, and has performed concerts in various ensembles, in Italy and abroad, recording for RAI—TV as a soloist. He is currently II Cello at the Rome Opera Theater Orchestra, where he has played under the direction, among others, of Prétre, Pesko, Eotvos, Sinopoli, Rostropovitch, Oren, Kuhn, Nello Santi, with whom he has participated in tour in Japan. He collaborated with the Teatro Lirico di Spoleto.


Violino, chitarra, violoncello